Why does HIIT work?

What is HIIT
HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, is a workout built from interval training but designed to offer short recovery periods in between intense intervals. These short and intense workouts really burn calories, not only during the workout, but long after the workout is complete. The nice thing about HIIT is that there isn’t an exact formula for a workout, so each workout can be completely different from the previous workout, and each trainer will be able to add their own touch to the workout design. This is a benefit because not only are you pushing yourself by doing HIIT, but you won’t be bored as each workout can be completely different from the last workout.

Why does HIIT work?

HIIT works because

  1. HIIT increases the amount of calories burned during the workout, and because it increases the amount of recovery time needed from each HIIT session
  2. HIIT essentially forces your body to use fat cells as fuel during your workout, so not only will you burn more fat, but you’ll also increase your athletic endurance
  3. In studies HIIT appears to reduce muscle loss often found with weight loss, in comparison to regular cardio.

Here’s a nice workout we found on MuscleandFitness.com

10 reps first round, 15 reps second round, and 20 reps third round. 15 sec. rest between sets.

1. Treadmill High Incline Walk – Fast walking pace with 5-10 lb. hand weights. (8 minute warm-up, increase incline every minute up to 10 degrees, 4 mph)

2. Pistol Grip Pull-ups and/or Parallel Grip Pull-ups

3. Abdominal Leg Throw Downs  – (alternate left, center, right)

4. Incline Chest Press – (increase weight with each interval)

5. Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) – 2 min, cadence over 80, reverse every 30 seconds


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