What is CrossFit?

We’ve had a lot of people over the years come in and ask us what the heck is this CrossFit you keep talking about?  It’s true, People like my mother, friends, and some customers have never heard of CrossFit, or maybe they have an idea or think it’s all about lifting large heavy wheels and swinging ropes.  Well this post is for those people, and maybe for some of the people that know a little about CrossFit but not the whole store.

Greg Glassman, current Crossfit CEO and Founder, created CrossFit, which took him several years to develop.  Greg created CrossFit to improve health and fitness.  As a workout CrossFit consists of varied movements, like gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing, and they are performed at a relatively high intensity.   These movements also reflect the core movements of life.  Each workout is designed to be performed at a high intensity, and as a result they are meant to maximize your results within your time spent working out.  Each workout is also varied so your body will not lead to stagnation, and you essentially confuse the muscles so that you and your body see dramatic gains.

CrossfitIn a typical CrossFit workout there is always a community of people joining in, cheering you on, pushing each other harder, so that by the end everyone is spent but knowing they just had an amazing working.  It’s the community of people that enables you to do more, to push yourself harder, to achieve more.

In CrossFit you utilize data to drive your workouts.  This data is on the chalkboard keeping score and results, keeping track of the times, and having precise rules.  Having data as well as community will help push you to do more.  Think about it, if you record a time of 1 minute doing 25 pushups, the next time you will either want to do more pushups to beat your record, or do them faster than a minute.  Without this data each workout will become the same as the last one, you won’t remember a thing, and you will likely be doing the same 25 pushups in a minute and wonder why you aren’t seeing improvements.

Anyone can do CrossFit, you don’t have to be a top athlete, you don’t have to be a superstar, you just have to have the desire to challenge yourself, to push yourself harder, to continually improve.  If you just step into the box, let everything go, and just go for it, you will see results.  It’s inevitable.

A typical class is around 1 hour, with a short warm up, a strength or skill movement to ensure your technique is solid, and a medium length intense workout that might include lifts or a plyometric movement.   It’s this intensity that gets your strong and gets you results faster.

What should you bring to a class?

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Water
  • Towel (we have them in the locker rooms)
  • A smile

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