• All of our memberships are unlimited memberships.  What this means is that you are allowed to take one class per day, seven days per week.  With over 100 classes per week, this unlimited membership allows our members to change up their workouts and involve themselves in some of our specialty classes to not only help with recovery but to build up strength and skills.
  • At Delannoy and Sons, we don’t like long-term contracts.  We’ve been members of other gyms and never liked the feeling of being locked in.  We want our members to join because they like to be with us and not because they are stuck in a long-term contract.  After your first 90 days as a member, your membership changes to a month-to-month membership.  We allow you to also choose when you’d like to be billed either on the first of each month or the 15th of each month, and we accept all credit cards.



  • Locker Rooms
    • 2 locker rooms
    • 14 showers with high quality soap, shampoos, and conditioners
    • Complimentary towel service
    • Hair dryers, hair irons, razors, and other bath amenities
    • Daily-use lockers
    • Monthly rental lockers
  • Retail Store
    • Healthy beverages, coffee, and water
    • Multiple Protein bars, snack bars, fruit packs, and other snacks
    • Quality Protein and supplements
    • Custom shirts and tank tops
    • Just in case items: socks, sports bras, athletic tape