About us

Delannoy and Sons has built the ultimate fitness community. We strongly believe in living the lifestyle we promote, which is one we’ve lived for years, and that is why we hire Coaches that are not only CrossFit certified, but are also avid CrossFitters themselves. Having certified CrossFit coaches creates an exceptional clientele experience. Our Coaches are well versed in all CrossFit fitness as well as nutritional principles.  For those not into CrossFit we have tons of other classes to get you going.  We understand not everyone wants the same thing at a gym, which is why we have so many options.  We work hard to make our gym a positive place where individuals cannot only train, but learn all aspects of fitness and nutrition to then find a sense of belonging.  Hard work, integrity, and dedication are the three pillars of our program. If this sounds interesting to you, we invite to stop by for a visit and find out what we are all about. You’ll be happy you did!